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Terms & Conditions


Updated on Febuary 22nd, 2024


Here at Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd, we work hard to provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed services. At the same time, we want to set our customer’s expectations right. Exterior cleaning is like any other cleaning. Depending on different conditions, the actual results may vary. By choosing our service, you are deemed to have read and accepted the following agreement. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Understanding Your Proposal

At Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. we pride ourselves on providing speedy customer service and free, same day quotes. To do this, in most cases, we assess the properties that we quote using Google Maps, Google Earth, and/or online images of your property. What this means is that we can only see your property as it was at the time your area was last updated and/or photographed. Therefore, if your property has undergone recent construction, renovations, or any other changes, it is your responsibility to provide us with current photos of your property (photos can be sent to

This is also true for any special cleaning requests that are not included with our normal cleaning services, such as what you will find detailed throughout the rest of our terms and conditions, or just simply believe our quote is not accurate. If this is the case, you must send photos of the areas in question, along with a description of what exactly you are looking for, so we can revaluate your quote, or, if you prefer, set up an in person estimate with one of our property detailing specialists.

Please keep in mind that in person estimates are not done the same day, and will need to be scheduled around our other appointments.

If you do not bring to our attention that the property we quoted through online images is not your current property, or has undergone recent changes, or that the cleaning services you require were not included in the quote given to you, your quote will be revaluated on the day of your appointment, and possibly rescheduled if it cannot be completed in the time frame allotted.


We genuinely want to meet your expectations, but communicating your expectations and providing us with accurate information is your responsibility and vital for us to do our job and deliver the results you expect of us.

Understanding Our Pricing

Our pricing at Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. is structured on a per job basis, and not on an hourly basis. Prices that are quoted to you in your proposal (+ any add-on services, revisions, etc, as outlined on your proposal) will be the same on your invoice, therefore, regardless of whether a job takes two hours or fifteen minutes, the cost of your job does not change. 

It is also understood and agreed that any discounts received are awarded and applied at the sole discretion of the representatives of Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. Any discounts or offers you may have received, or are eligible for, cannot be combined and must be used on separate occasions, as deemed reasonable by our representatives. 

Customers who wish to cancel their services, must do so with at least three days notice, or will be invoiced for the full amount on their work order. Refunds or discounts will not be provided to customers who wish to halt, discontinue, or cancel any services that have already begun.

Add-on Services

The total cost of most add-on services will not be provided to you on your proposal, and are typically priced per item cleaned. The price per item will be made known on your proposal. We will count the ones we clean when on the job and add the total cost for the add-on services to your final invoice. Examples of add-on services include screens, tracks, mullions, light fixtures, railing glass, skylights, and storm windows. By accepting our add-on services, you acknowledge, and agree that your invoice total will be more than the total presented on your estimate/proposal.  

Your Appointment Might be Canceled

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather or company setbacks, your appointment may be moved to the next available appointment slot. Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate for a quick reschedule but have to work around other scheduled clients and weather.

Time of Arrival

Please note that our estimated time of arrival given to you at the time of your booking, and all appointment reminder emails leading up to your appointment, is only the time frame as reflected in your technician's schedule. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as jobs prior to yours taking longer than anticipated, traffic, or job cancellations, these times often fluctuate. By booking services with us, you understand that you will not receive a call from us if your technician is running behind schedule or will be arriving at your job sooner than the estimated time of arrival.

The only time you will receive a call or email from us on the day of your appointment is to either discuss the job at hand, or in the event that your job needs to be rescheduled to a later date. If you are not notified to reschedule then you can be certain that your technician will be arriving sooner or later. You are always welcome to call our office to check on the status of your technician.

Due to the unpredictable nature of our work, if you need, or wish, to be present at your property for our services, we highly recommend that you do not book other appointments around our appointment with you. Cancellation or postponement requests due to your technician not showing up at the estimated time of arrival will not be accepted. 



As we perform our window cleaning, house washing, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing services in almost any weather conditions, provided it is safe to do so, cancellation or postponement requests due to weather will not be accepted. The only exception may be our spider spraying service. 

Customer To-Do-List Prior to Our Arrival:

Depending on the services you are receiving, you may need to do some or all of the following:

General (Applicable to all Services)

  • Have a working water spigot ready to use.

  • Clear both the driveway and the street parking area in front of the property.

  • Ensure access around the property.

  • Disclose any existing damaged or compromised areas.

  • Keep all children and pets inside throughout duration of our services.

  • Clean up any feces or garbage around your property.

  • Put away or cover all sensitive items, especially those don't want to get wet.

  • Clear the work areas (blocked areas might not get cleaned).

  • No one has to be home for exterior work; we will email you the invoice later.

  • Have all windows and doors closed properly.

Window Cleaning

  •  REMOVE all window screens if you did not accept our screen removal/cleaning service.

  •  If you plan to not be home and your exterior screens can only be removed from inside, you must remove them.


House Washing / Roof Washing / Pressure Washing


  • Turn breakers off for all outdoor electrical receptacles, light fixtures, fans, etc.

  • Move all planters and flower pots into or away from your property.

  • Fertilize and water all plants and vegetation around house.

Gutter Cleaning

  • Cover or move sensitive items or furnitures that you don't wish for gutter debris to fall on.

Spider Spraying


  • Please keep pets and children inside throughout the duration of the treatment and for 30 mins after the treatment to ensure all airborne particles are settled and dried.


Window Cleaning Expectations

At Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd, we provide both interior and exterior window cleaning services. Our basic window cleaning service includes a full "clean" of all of your window panes and frames only. It does not include any post construction/contractor window cleaning or cleaning of any windows with excessive build-up. These cleans require pre-cleaning, scraping, and/or the use of special chemicals. We do offer these services, but you must ask in advance for them so we can provide you with proper pricing and schedule you accordingly. 

Miscellaneous panes of glass around your home or workplace, such as light fixtures, railing glass, skylights, sunroom additions/conservatories, vinyl windows, or storm windows are not included with our basic window cleaning service. If you are in need of any of these services, please inquire, and an additional quote will be sent for your consideration.

Screen Removal/Cleaning


At Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd, we do not remove screens unless contracted to do so. We do charge per screen removed, cleaned, and reinstalled. We also provide an option to only clean screens that you have removed yourself and stacked outside for us to clean, for a discount price. If this service is not selected and windows have screens installed at the time of service, these windows will be skipped. Your window cleaning price will not be reduced for any windows skipped due to the screen still being installed. We charge for callbacks to clean windows that were skipped due to screens being installed at the time of original service. 

If you do contract us to remove and/or clean your screens you understand and agree to not hold us liable for any previous or new damage to your screens, including, but not limited to, bent frames, torn mesh, broken tabs, lost or broken springs or locks, etc. Our technicians are trained and equipped to remove screens without damaging them, however, old, brittle, and structurally unsound screens, or screens that were previously installed incorrectly may get damaged in the removal or cleaning process. 


Window Mullions


We also do not remove window mullions unless contracted to do so for the same reasons why we do not remove screens unless contracted to do so. You must remove them yourself prior to our arrival if you want to avoid having these windows skipped, or pay the additional charge to have them removed, cleaned, and reinstalled by us. Due to the delicate nature of window mullions, if you do contract us to clean yours, you agree to not hold us liable for any previous, or new damage to them.

Track & Sill Cleaning

The cleaning of your tracks and sills is not included with our basic window cleaning service. This is a premium add-on service that can significantly raise the cost of your window cleaning service. To clean tracks and sills we use steam cleaners, microfiber cloths, various crevice cleaning tools, and/or the hose/pressure washer to flush out exterior tracks. 


Exterior track and sill cleaning includes cleaning of exterior tracks and sills only. When performing exterior track and sill cleaning, we do not open your windows to clean any interior tracks or crevices. Exterior track and sill cleaning is a fraction of the cost of a full track and sill cleaning and is typically added on when we are contracted to clean exterior windows only. 

Please be aware that when performing any track and sill cleaning, we do not remove your windows or disassemble your tracks to clean underneath them. As such it is possible that once the track and sill cleaning is completed, the opening and closing of your windows will leave behind bits of dirt and grime. By contracting us to clean your tracks and sills, you agree to not hold us responsible for removing every last spec of dirt or grime. We do charge additional for these kinds of callbacks that are out of our control.

Post Construction/Contractor Window Cleaning

Post construction/contractor window cleaning includes the safe removal of debris such as paint, tape, cement, silicone, stickers, etc, from your window panes. We do not remove stuck on debris from window frames or fascia/trim as this will certainly scratch or gouge the surface. Once the debris has been removed from your glass, we then proceed to cleaning all window panes and frames. Please note that our technicians are trained and equipped to remove stuck on debris with minimal to no scratching, however some scratches that are out of our control may occur during the removal process. By contracting us to remove stuck on debris from your windows, you have acknowledged this and agree to not hold Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. liable for any previous or new scratches on your glass, or window treatments, or any areas surrounding your windows, including frames, sills, fascia/trim, etc.

Excessive Build-Up Window Cleaning

Excessive build-up window cleaning includes the use of specially formulated solutions and/or abrasives to safely remove stuck on grime, such as, mold, mildew, mud, bugs and bug feces/guts, hard water/mineral deposits, etc, from your window panes and frames. Once the build-up of grime has been reasonably removed from your windows, we then proceed to cleaning all window panes and frames.

Gutter Cleaning Expectations

At Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. we clear gutters by visually inspecting them and clearing any debris from inside your eavestroughs (or on top of leaf guards) either by hand or with a leaf blower. Our gutter cleaning service does not include cleaning the exterior of your gutters and does not include cleaning under leaf guards. We then inspect your downspouts and clear any blockages from them. We avoid flushing unless we absolutely need to, to prevent splashing gunk onto your house. If debris is dropped or blown onto your ground, we clean this up. We do not perform a full yard clean up of other leaves and debris on your ground. All gutter debris is put into leaf bags and left with you to put out on collection day.

Please keep in mind that our gutter cleaning service does not include repairs of any kind, including but not limited to fixing, replacing, or installing eavestroughs, downspouts, hangers, leaf guards, etc, or fixing any leaks. Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. cannot be held liable for any previous leaks at your joints or any leaks that may occur after we clear the debris out of them. 

House Washing Expectations

House washing removes most of the dirt and organic build-up on your eaves, soffits, fascia, siding, stucco, and doors. It does not remove plants (e.g., vines) or non-organic stains such as paint, rust, and oil. Though we do rinse down all of your windows after our house washing service, your windows may still be spotty or streaky from our solution and/or hard water from the tap. We highly recommend packaging your house wash with our window cleaning service for best results.

Due to a lot of reasons, such as lack of regular maintenance or previous pressure washing by a nonprofessional, some dirt may have traveled into your exterior building materials through small openings such as weep holes on your siding or breathing holes on the soffits. After our house washing services, it is possible to see some dirty water dripping off from those holes and leaving brown marks/streaks or bug debris on the surfaces below. These are not stains and can be removed by simply spritzing the area with water or wiping the marks with a clean rag. We do charge additional for these kinds of callbacks that were not caused by us.

Oxidation (Chalky or Dull Surfaces)

This is important to understand; all eaves, soffits, fascia, siding, doors, and any painted surfaces, especially those that are made of low grade material, aged, or positioned in direct sunlight might be subject to oxidation. Our regular house washing services are not able to remove oxidation residue or restore the oxidized surfaces. We do offer an oxidation removal service (similar to car paint restoration) at an additional cost. However, before asking for the service, please keep in mind that once your building material starts to undergo the oxidation process it cannot be halted. What this means is, we can remove the oxidation layer, but the result will only be temporary and will typically require restoration again within a year or two.

Please also note that if your building material has oxidized, it will be much more noticeable once all dirt and grime has been removed from the surface. By accepting our regular house washing services, you understand that you are contracting us to clean your house only, and you agree to not hold us liable for any oxidation that may be evident after your cleaning and agree that it is not the responsibility of Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. to remove any oxidation residue or restore the luster of your finish.

Iron Staining / Yellowing

Due to many factors, such as fertilizers or metal hardware on or behind your surfaces, you may have rust marks or iron staining on your building materials. Our house wash process does not remove these stains. Same goes for any yellow staining that you may have, caused by pollution buildup and/or lack of regular maintenance. This yellowing is a chemical reaction within the finish of your building material and can not simply be cleaned. If either of these services are something you require, please let us know so we can provide you with an appropriate quote, but keep in mind that these stains still may not disappear entirely. By accepting our house washing services, you understand and agree that iron staining and yellowing will not be removed in the cleaning process.

Low Pressure Cleaning

When performing our house washing service, we also coat your brick and stonework in our cleaning solution and rinse down any loosened debris, such as webs, bugs, and nests. However, we do not use high pressure when performing our house washing service, so any mold, mildew, moss, lichen, algae, and stuck on debris on your brick and stonework will not be entirely cleaned in the process. If this is a service you require, please let us know and we will provide you with a pressure washing quote to clean these areas for you. 

Since we only utilize low pressure when washing your eaves, soffits, fascia, siding, stucco, and doors, we won’t strip off any solid paint (loose paint may chip off) on your house. If you plan to paint your house after the house washing service, please understand that your house might not be perfectly ready for painting. Having a professional painter prepare the designated areas after the house washing is strongly recommended.

Roof Washing Expectations

Our roof washing solution is able to kill most damaging growths such as algae, moss, and lichen. We do not offer any service to remove non-organic stains such as mineral deposits (normally seen on concrete tile roofs, not harmful to the roof).

Most roofs take 30-60 days to become perfectly clean after our roof treatment. But, depending on the condition of your roof and the incoming weather, this process may take six months or more. Our Low Pressure Roof Rinse service is available if the wait time is your major concern. Please keep in mind that some moss and lichen are deeply rooted and will not be removed even with a low pressure rinse. We will never use high pressure on your roof, so you will need to wait for those specific areas to deteriorate or fall off naturally over time. 

After the roof treatment, it is possible to see some light brown areas and/or white debris that remain. These light brown areas are dead algae/bacteria (or gloeocapsa magma) which previous to our treatment were black streaks. We request you wait up to eight weeks for the brown areas to fade or be washed away by rainfall. The white debris is dead moss or lichen, which may take six months or more to completely deteriorate or fall off.

Please understand if there are big trees around your house and there are leaves continuously falling onto your roof, or there are areas of your roof that are sheltered from sun and rain, the debris might never be completely gone with natural elements alone. If that’s the case, you may have no choice but to opt into our low pressure roof rinse. After which it is highly recommended that you get on a recurring schedule to have any new debris blown off of your roof to help prevent future growth from taking hold as quickly.


Please note that algae, moss, and lichen are very damaging to your roof and will lead to decay and granule loss, which may be apparent once the growth has been removed. We do not use high pressure on your roof, but depending on the severity of decay, we may knock out loose or decayed tiles or shingles during our treatment or low pressure roof rinse service. By accepting our roof washing or low pressure roof rinsing service, you agree to not hold us liable for any previous or new damage to your roof.

Pressure Washing Expectations

When it comes to cleaning concrete surfaces, pavers, brick and stonework, or any other hard/porous surface, we utilize high pressure to thoroughly clean the area. Please note that the removal of oil stains, rust/iron staining, paint/stain/sealer, or other inorganic stains are not included with our basic pressure washing service. We can tackle these for an additional charge, but please keep in mind that stubborn or deep stains may not be entirely removed. By contracting us to pressure wash your surfaces, you understand that we are using high pressure to clean and we cannot be held liable for any previously damaged or compromised areas that may show excess wear and tear after our service. It is your responsibility to ensure your surfaces are well maintained and can handle the service you are contracting us to do.

Please keep in mind that we only clean your surfaces. We do not offer any services to paint, stain, or seal your surfaces, or apply sand between your pavers.


Wood Cleaning


To clean wood decks, fences, etc, we apply an algaecide to kill off any organic growth on the surface of your wood. We then use minimal pressure to evenly clean your wood surface. Due to the temperamental state of wood, it may appear fuzzy after our service, but this fuzziness tends to disappear on its own over time. Please note that we do not sand wood surfaces if you are unhappy with the fuzziness. If your wood surface is stained, you should expect this stain to deteriorate or lighten some after our service. You may need to have your wood surface stained again once we are done with the cleaning. By accepting our wood cleaning service, you agree to not hold us liable for how your wood surface reacts to our cleaning. You also agree that any wood rot or broken boards are not the responsibility of Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. to repair or replace. If further wood restoration services are needed after our cleaning service, it is understood and agreed that will be the responsibility of the client to undertake or hire a contractor who specializes in that field.

Spider Spraying Expectations

Our licensed technicians apply a controlled pesticide to the exterior of your home, which targets all cold blooded insects, and is proven to significantly reduce spider activity on your home. We apply the treatment to key areas around your property, including your eaves/soffits, windows/doors, foundation, and outdoor seating areas. The pesticide is typically invisible, but may leave a visible residue on building material and glass. For best results, we recommend having the spider spray applied after a house wash and before having your windows cleaned. 

We do not guarantee our spider spray for any particular length of time as each property is different and many factors can cause the treatment to lose its effectiveness, such as inclement weather, insect activity around property, or homeowners/contractors spraying the house or foundation with water. Under ideal conditions, you can expect to have the treatment last up to 90 days, but we recommend that you figure out how long the treatment lasts on your house and get on a recurring schedule so you can remain spider-free. If you find you are in need of three or more sprays in a year, you may want to consider our all-year-protection program.


Use of Water

It is understood and agreed that we tap into our customers water to perform our services, therefore it is your responsibility to ensure your water supply is accessible to our technicians, and in good working order, with sufficient supply and flow for us to complete the tasks you have contracted us for. If we arrive on site and are unable to do our job, due to broken, improper, or inaccessible water spigots, broken water main, faulty pumps, or insufficient volume of water in cistern or well, we may have to reschedule some or all of your services to another date after these issues has been rectified.

Permissions / Access / Neighbours

By accepting and booking services with us (this includes all jobs and in-person estimates), you are granting us permission to enter your property. It is also understood and agreed that customer will ensure full access by unlocking all gates, and clearing all blocked areas of equipment, furniture, etc. If we cannot safely access a particular part of your property, it may be skipped in the cleaning process.


If your yard can only be accessed by entering a neighbours property, or your house is so close to your neighbours property that we can only clean a particular side from your neighbours yard, it is your responsibility to obtain written consent from your neighbours, granting us permission to enter their property to perform our duties. If you do not obtain written consent, we reserve the right to refuse to clean those areas of your house. A refund or discount will not be provided for any areas that we cannot safely access or do not have permission to access.

Moving Furniture, Items or Knickknacks

It is understood and agreed that it is the responsibility of the customer to have all areas, in need of cleaning, cleared of any furniture, items or knickknacks that may be in our way or hinder us from doing our job safely or properly, including, but not limited to, window sills, decks, porches, and walkways. Any items that cannot be moved or are too large to move, must be covered if you do not wish for the items to get wet. We reserve the right to skip any areas where items have not been moved, however, by accepting our services, you agree to not hold us liable for any damage that may occur to items that were not moved prior to our arrival. 

If you prefer we move your items, we will do so at our hourly rate of $120/technician with a minimum charge of $120. Our technicians are very careful when moving items, however, if damage were to occur, we cannot be held liable for this. We will do our best, but items may or may not be placed back in the same layout as was removed.

Pets, Feces, Garbage

It is understood and agreed that all pets are to be kept inside throughout the duration of our services. We also require that your yard is cleaned up of all feces and garbage. We reserve the right to refuse service or skip certain areas where pet feces or garbage has not been cleaned up or we deem to be unhealthy to walk through. No refund or discount will be provided for areas skipped due to this.


Caring for Plants & Vegetation

It is understood and agreed that our cleaning solutions contain algaecides and biocides (typically chlorine) to aid in killing the organic matter on your surfaces being cleaned, therefore special care must be taken when working around plants and vegetation. Our technicians are trained to keep all of your plants wet and rinsed off of any overspray that may get on them, however the majority of the responsibility will lay with you to nurture your plants and keep them healthy. We highly recommend that you move all planters and flower pots into your house or away from the area being cleaned. We also suggest that you fertilize and water the plants and vegetation around your property before and after any house wash, roof wash, or pressure washing services. We will do our part while on the job, but it is ultimately your responsibility to care for and nurture your gardens, and we cannot be held responsible for any plants that may get burned, or wilt, or die after the cleaning process.

Possible Water Intrusion

It is understood and agreed that we are invited to wash your house with water. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the house is washable and safe to handle reasonably pressurized water. We take extra caution or steps when we find leaky windows/doors, poorly sealed windows/doors, open windows/doors, previously damaged or compromised surfaces, and things as such, but, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to handle any water intrusion that may happen due to the above mentioned cases.

Electrical Malfunctions

It is understood and agreed that it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure all outdoor electrical units, including, but not limited to, outdoor receptacles, light fixtures, and fans, are properly rated for outdoor use and sealed against water intrusion. But even so, it is crucial to turn off the breakers to all outside electrical units before the service commences, and continue to leave off for an appropriate amount of time after the service is complete to allow for any water that may have gotten inside to dry up. If any of your outdoor electrical units are not outdoor rated, it is your responsibility to either remove the item from the area being cleaned, or wrap the item in a waterproof covering before we arrive. All uncovered items will be assumed by us to be outdoor rated and properly sealed against water intrusion, and will get wet in the cleaning process. By accepting our services, you agree to not hold us liable for any electrical malfunctions that may occur due to damaged or compromised electrical units, or your failure to follow the above preventative instructions. 

Dirty Areas May Get Spotted or Streaked

It is important to note that other dirty areas within the proximity of the areas being cleaned may get spotted or streaked with our cleaning solutions. Some examples of areas that may get partially cleaned (spotted and streaked) include decks, patios, driveways, and any other area of your house in the event of a "partial house wash" or roof wash. Our technicians do their best to control overspray, but it is impossible to prevent it entirely. For best results, if your budget allows, consider having all dirty areas cleaned at the same time to ensure uniformity. We do not provide a complimentary clean of any areas that happen to get overspray on them or where our cleaning solution has run down and/or pooled. We also charge for these kinds of callbacks, so please understand that if you have dirty areas within the proximity of the area that you contracted us to clean, it may end up with clean spots or streaks. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us after six and within seven months of completion of our roof washing service, or within three days of completion of any other services. We will evaluate the situation and provide a free rework if needed. If after the rework, you are still not satisfied, we will, under our terms and conditions, give your money back, given that you hire another contractor, within one month of completion of our rework, to redo the same work at an equivalent price, and send us a copy of the receipt, along with a reason why you believe the other contractor did a better job. Your refund will be refused if it is discovered you paid to have another contractor perform a different cleaning task other than the exact one you hired us for, or had them provide restoration services for underlying issues, defects, stains, etc, as a substitute for cleaning services. 

Complaints / Callbacks

At Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd, we value our customers feedback and want you to be 100% satisfied with the results of the job that you hired us for. We understand that sometimes an area can get missed, or something didn't turn out quite as good as you were hoping. We welcome callbacks to fix these areas or explain why a certain area turned out less than stellar. However, we do not tolerate callbacks for issues that were not caused by us or were out of our control. If we do receive a callback for something caused by your negligence, or a third party's activities, or an underlying issue as outlined in our terms and conditions, you will be invoiced a $95 service charge, plus the cost to rework these areas, if asked to do so. Some examples of situations where you will be charged for a callback:


  1. Homeowner or landscapers kicked up dirt, mud or grass clippings on clean windows or siding

  2. "Missed windows" turns out to be skipped windows due to screens not being removed

  3. Your screens are bent, torn, or damaged in any way (please callback if not reinstalled correctly)

  4. You have drip marks from soffits or weep holes in siding

  5. You have oxidation, iron staining, or yellowing on your house that you expected to be removed with our house wash

  6. An area or surface that was not included is now spotted or streaked from our cleaning solution

  7. Construction is taking place around your house that has dirtied what we cleaned

  8. "Missed areas" turns out to be skipped areas for reasons outlined in our terms & conditions

  9. "Exterior windows still dirty" turns out to be dirty interior windows or condensation between panes

  10. Anything else outlined in our terms and conditions as not our fault or out of our control


Content Release

Unless other agreement has been formally signed, Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. reserves the right to use any photos and videos taken on or around your property, solely for marketing purposes. The reviews you write on any of our business pages, including but not limited to Google, Homestars, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, and Yelp may also be used. We will not include any sensitive information such as addresses or last names. You will not ask for any kind of compensation for these content usages.

Contact Information Release

By providing your contact information to us, you authorize Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. to call, text, or email you, until you formally request that we do not contact you anymore. You also authorize Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. to provide text or email marketing material. You may unsubscribe from this marketing list at any time.

Risk of Damage

Our technicians are well trained and very responsible in the cleaning process to make sure not to cause any damage to your property. However, damage can still happen to surfaces with poor conditions. Right before our service, our technicians will inspect your home and let you know if we find anything worth extra attention. If we do, we may not continue with the actual service before your oral confirmation. We also recommend you to fully inspect your home by yourself before and after our service.

If Damage Occurs

If you find any damage that you believe was caused by our mistake, please formally report it to us with email ( within three days of completion of our service. We will do a full evaluation and, within 30 days, repair or contract repair to any damage caused by our misconduct.


Payment is due upon completion of work for residential customers, and 30 days after completion of work for commercial customers, unless other prior arrangements were made. The forms of payment we accept include cash, check, e-transfer, credit card and PayPal (credit card and PayPal payments are subject to a 4% convenience fee). Choosing a payment method and ensuring payment is made as soon as your invoice is due is your responsibility. If your preferred payment method is not working for you, or you are unable to figure it out, you must promptly use one of our other means of payment. Calling our office, or leaving us a voicemail, or writing us an email, stating that you cannot figure out how to make payment does not exempt you from making payment, or from any late fees that will accrue if payment is not made. Any invoice that is past due 30 days is subject to a 20% late fee. If payment is not received within 60 days past due, Paradisus Window Cleaning & House Washing Services Ltd. reserves the right to file a civil claim and collect outstanding debt. Any legal fees incurred during the process will be added to the unpaid balance. 

Please note that dissatisfied customers are not exempt from paying their invoice in full, and all payment rules above apply to dissatisfied customers as well. Once payment is made in full, dissatisfied customers may undergo the refund process, as outlined in our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed section. If procedure is followed and you are deemed eligible, you will receive a full refund for the services you are dissatisfied with. 

Agreement Updates

We reserve the right to amend our Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. If we make any changes on this agreement, we will post the date of the updates on the top of this page.

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